Changelog (latest at the bottom)

Partio4Maya alpha preview 0.9a (03-27-2012)
-- initial release, PartioVizualizer, PartioEmitter, PartioExport created

Partio4Maya alpha preview 0.9.1a (04-11-2012)

-much cleaner build environment
-better support for cache file names in all OS's
-file format now supports _0001.ext and .0001.ext file naming conventions (max users rejoice)
-added renderCachePath attribute to visualizer for utility purposes

Partio4Maya beta 0.9.3b (10-05-2012)
-2011/2012/2013 compiles
-PartioInstancer Node created
-PartioImport Command created
-PartioVisualizer is now a shape node
-Fixed reported crashes
-added Partio Shelf
-added PartioExport -filename flag
-PartioVisualizer now has radius controls and visualization
-many misc bugs squashed

Partio4Maya / Partio Source beta 0.9.5 (10-01-2013) (unreleased in binary form)
-PartioInstancer now supports most rotation parameters the standard maya instancer will support
-PartioExport/GUI now supports Escape key interrupt in all modes.. command line, and GUI based exports.
-PartioInstancer PP text now properly supports writing vectors and floats
-PartioVisualizer now updates cache path even if node is not active,
so you can have a visualzier turned off and still render the frame correctly

WHATS NEW in Partio Source:
-added initial Partio4Arnold (see partio4Arnold contrib directory)

Partio-core / Partio4Maya / Partio Source beta 0.9.6 (10-31-2013)
WHATS NEW in the Partio-core:
-partview had some leaky mem, and crashing, which has been fixed, and it now also supports user right click menus for "color from and "opacity from"
(this will need some testing on other Os's / graphics cards / drivers etc..)
-Removed ICECache support from readers/writers for now, code needs to be updated to be cross platform compatible,
it does not work in windows and didn't try on Osx at all, at the moment and was crashing on read/write under linux as well...

WHATS NEW in Partio4Maya:
-All memory leaks shoud now be fixed in all partio nodes!
-PartioVisualizer viewport icon changes color when no cache is present or its turned inactive
-PartioExportGui now stores the checkbox status for each particle object on that object so when you re-open a scene or the partioExport window,
you'll have your last exported particles already checked.
--PartioExprortGui now more intelligently handles file output path changes and allows user to change file path in the text edit line if desired,
for quick versioning up
--All Partio nodes now support a "frameSkip" or "byFrame" attr for simple frame skip retimes directly in the node.

WHATS NEW in Partio Source:
- Merged Milo Green's Partio4Houdini fork and set up proper project cmake build scripts for it.
(see partio4Houdini contrib directory)

Partio-core / Partio4Maya / Partio Source beta 0.9.7 (??-??-??)